Quizzing 'n' teasing your profile

Quizzing 'n' teasing your profile

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Quizzing 'n' teasing your profile

‘Mafia wars’, ‘Farm Ville’...
“What do your eyes say about you?...”
“What object are you?...”

If you are wondering if this is some kind of a game or quiz, you are right. But these are games and quizzes most youngsters involve themselves with, on Facebook.

These items are spread across most people’s Facebook profiles adding uniqueness to each individual’s account.

Some say these enhance a person’s individuality, speak on behalf of them, display their creativity and add colour to their profiles.

Others feel these are nothing but a sheer waste of time. These games and quizzes are usually played to pass time.

However, they are entertaining, exciting and give a break from the hectic lifestyle. Since they seem refreshing, there are many takers.

Preksha Sharma says, “Playing these games and quizzes is fun for me. As they are found on a social networking site, they add to the social bonding. They help me use my mind and as I proceed with my game, I get excited and then I am totally into it. If I am free, I see that I spend at least an hour on this. During holidays, I spend hours together on them. And when I am bored, they keep me engaged.” Many other activities like sending hearts, smiles, hugs and other gifts are also prominent in many profiles.

These games speak about something unique in you and help find people, who are like-minded.

They promote competition because it is also a challenge to maintain the best profile, say youngsters.

Radhika M S says, “I love to play these quizzes on Facebook as they are mostly based on self. One gets to know more about self, and that is a lot of fun.”
“They make you eager to know more and give a sense of hope. There are also quizzes to know your friends. We learn many things about friends which we would have been totally unaware of,” she adds.

There are some people who feel these activities are a total waste of time.
Shailashree says, “It is actually dumb to think that our personality can be enhanced by playing these games and quizzes. I would prefer to use that time on something much more worthy and useful.”  

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