Miffed with foul-mouthed landlady, tenant strangled her to death Miffed with fo

Miffed with foul-mouthed landlady, tenant strangled her to death Miffed with fo

Couple dumped the body in bushes after failing to burn it at home

A couple angry with their landlady for hurling abuses at their newborn baby, killed the 60-year-old woman and dumped her body in an open field in north- west Delhi, police said on Tuesday.

 Police received a call from Bhalswa Dairy that a body was lying in a gunny bag near Videocon factory on February 11. “The local police found a body of a woman without head and arms, dumped in a plastic bag. It was in a highly decomposed condition,” said additional deputy commissioner of police, Romil Baniya.

It appeared that she was murdered at some other place and her body was dumped there.During the investigation, police found that Sachin, 22 and his wife, who stayed at J J Colony Bhalswa Dairy, close to the plot where body was found, were not seen for the last few days. “There was no trace of the couple. It was also learnt that the house belonged to an old woman, Bishno Devi, who also lived with them,” said Baniya. 

The house smelled of burnt material and had blood on the floor. Three blood-stained knives were also found. 

“Next morning we found the body parts from nearby bushes. Based on the evidence, the body was identified as Bishno Devi’s,” he said.
The accused were arrested on Monday from Mukherjee Nagar in north Delhi for their involvement in the murder.
They told police that their landlady Bishno Devi used to scold and abuse them frequently.  The accused tried to pacify the landlady several times. Since they were having a hard time dealing with her, they also offered to vacate the house on finding another accommodation.

In January, when the wife gave birth to a baby, the landlady also started abusing the newborn. This prompted Sachin to kill her. On intervening night of January 31 and February 1, he drank and strangled Bishno Devi to death while she was sleeping. 

“He left the body at his home. When he returned on February 8 along with his wife, they tried to set the body on fire. Unable to do so, he chopped off the head and arms and disposed off the remaining body in his home and the severed body parts in nearby bushes,” said Baniya.
Minor girl injuredA security guard was arrested after a minor girl was injured when shots were fired at a celebration, police said on Tuesday. 
The incident took place at Eros Garden banquet hall in Palam village in south-west Delhi.  The accused, Jag Bhan, who is a retired army personnel, and groom’s relatives had opened celebratory fire in the air at a marriage function. He was arrested from the spot.
“The girl and her mother were having snacks in the function at around 9 pm  when a bullet pierced into girl’s waist. She fell unconscious and began to bleed profusely. Panic gripped the celebratory atmosphere at the banquet hall,” a senior police officer said.
The nine-year-old victim, Riya, was rushed to Premlila Hospital where doctors removed the bullet from her body and she is recuperating there. She is said to be out of danger, the official
Jag Bhan had accompanied a businessman to the function as he works as his private security officer.
“Bhan’s rifle has been seized from him. He was drunk when he had opened fire,” said the officer. He told police that it was an accident and he did not intend to hurt the girl. The girl lives with her parents at Ravi apartment in Vikaspuri.