Pakistani-origin doctor shoots family, kills self in US

Pakistani-origin doctor shoots family, kills self in US

A Pakistani-origin doctor in the US opened fire at his family, killing one daughter and wounding the other. His wife was also critically wounded in the shooting spree that ended when he turned the gun on himself, it was reported here.

Sardar Shaikh, 47, fatally shot himself after attempting to kill his family in Houston, reported Geo News Wednesday.

Shaikh's daughter Jacqueline Shaikh, 11, died while his wife Maria Isabel Gorena, 43, and other daughter Vivian Shaikh, 14, were severely injured.

Gorena called the police to report a shooting at her residence. She said her husband had shot her and their two children. She added that she believed the husband had also shot himself.

Shaikh was found dead in front of the residence with a self-inflicted gunshot wound to the chest while Jacqueline was found inside. Vivian and Maria were taken to hospital.
The motive for the shooting was not known.