Intel India unveils plan to groom innovators

Intel India unveils plan to groom innovators

Global chip maker Intel Corporation Wednesday unveiled an outreach programme to groom future scientists in India as the next generation of innovators.

"The Intel Future Scientist programme has been drawn in India to help science teachers prepare curricula for fostering a spirit of research and innovation in students," Intel India president Praveen Vishakantaiah said in a statement here.

The programme will promote inquiry-based learning as an integral part of science education and help teachers develop critical thinking skills in students.

"We plan to reach about 50,000 students across the country through social organisations for developing skills in science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) through curricula, competitions and online educational resources," Vishakantaiah said.

The programme consists of seven modules to train students in inquiry-based learning and facilitate scientific inquiry from classroom to lab.

"We aim to raise the bar for Indian students with world-class education standards through the programme. With technology as a tool to advance education, we will have curricula to prepare students for a bright scientific career," Vishakantaiah noted.

According to Planning Commission member K. Kasturirangan, science education remains crucial for India’s growth as a knowledge economy and kindling the spirit of enquiry in the younger generation can be effective means of sharpening thinking process.

“The Intel programme will help students become researchers or innovators with a scientific temperament to address problems of modern life. I hope the Intel programme will support schools across the country to strengthen inquiry-based learning, spark curiosity and encourage innovation in the classrooms,” the noted space scientist said in the statement.