Ready for some syrupy treat?

Ready for some syrupy treat?

Simply sinful

As the golden-coloured rings of deep-fried maida batter, soaked in sugar syrup fill the mouth with a warm liquid of excessive sweetness -- shame goes flying out of the window. The name of this succulent treat is jalebi.

This sweet delicacy has been ruling the taste buds of Delhiites since ages. Metrolife  travels to the Walled City for a bite of this delectable sweet dish.

Across the market, halwais squeeze out the jalebi batter from the hole of a muslin cloth bag. Their hands move in circles all over the karahi and make ringlets which are left to fry. The white circles are swollen by the bubbling oil that gradually change their complexion to a golden brown shade.

The journey begins from the old and famous Jalebi Wala situated at the entrance of Dariba Kalan market in Chandni Chowk. This establishment set up by Nemchand Jain, is a landmark in itself. Currently run by Kailash Jain, the shop sells one of the biggest jalebis in town. Kailash says, “This is a 142-year-old shop that has been serving jalebis ever since.”

A few steps ahead is Ghantewala Confectioners that serves thin crispy jalebis with delicious rabri. Claiming to be the oldest Indian sweetshop in Delhi, Ghantewala started the business in 1790 and is now run by the seventh generation of the family.

There is an interesting story behind this peculiar name of the shop. Ghanta means a big bell in Hindi and the legend has it that whenever a royal procession moved down this road, the emperor was in the habit of stopping here for a snack. This habit was soon acquired by his elephant too that one day found its way to the shop and kept shaking its head till people rallied around him with assorted sweets. Cashier Kesar Singh says, “We feel proud to have served Rajiv Gandhi with our famous hot jalebis on his birthday and also served his daughter with sweets on her wedding.”

Cross the Fountain chowk and you’ll reach the 100-year-old Special Jaleba which started selling jalebas at Rs two per kilo. Owner Ramakant Sharma who serves yummy jalebas claims that his thick jalebas are medicinal in nature and cures any type of a cold or cough.”

He says, “This is different from jalebi and its taste will remain the same even if it’s not eaten for days.”