A food lover's paradise

A food lover's paradise

Eating Hub

As you move closer to Hauz Khas Village, a beeline of billboards welcome you. Nestled in lush green forests, this South Delhi locality has become a food lover’s hub and is swarmed by a large number of foreigners, young professionals and students.

Its USP other than great eating outlets? Serene surroundings, complete with green trees, a lake and not to forget the historical monuments that add to its charm.

One such place to visit in the village is Amour–meaning love in French. It serves contemporary Mediterranean cuisine and overlooks Deer Park and Hauz Khas Village monument. Says Randeep Bajaj, “It’s the most unique destination. You really get the feel of a village.”

Randeep also believes that the surroundings attract food lovers to this place. “It has got beautiful surroundings. Honestly there is no alternative to this place in the City,” he adds.

Amour is spacious, exquisite and the best thing is its location that provides a panoramic view of the lake and tombs.

The menu is an unwieldy, string bound folder, but is filled with an elegant mix of Gallic-Mediterranean fare. You can choose from a selection of spice-rubbed chicken and fish, wood fired pizza and a wonderful crusty sour dough loaf, served with parsley butter.

Gaurav Verma, a customer says, “It’s a nice hangout with good décor. The food is quite decent as well.”

Another place to check out is Himalayan restaurant--Yeti. A clean expanse of red brick walls, prayer flags and brass bells, this one seems to have brought the entire Himalaya on the platter and that’s exactly what their logo also symbolises.

The menu sticks close to the mountainous motif, covering cuisines from the high reaches of Tibet and Bhutan to the Nepal tarai, with a couple of North-East Indian dishes as well.

Yeti makes a special effort to prove that Himalayan cuisines can go beyond the momo. Its co-owner Ardahun Pinky Passah is elated to serve Himalayan cuisine to food lovers in Delhi. “It’s a different kind of food. We are one of the first to serve Himalayan cuisine in the City,” she says and adds, “Our ingredients are finely chosen.

We use authentic Nepalese spices to add to the flavour of the food.”

On the village coming up as a haven for foodies, she seconds Randeep, “This place is modern and traditional at the same time. Hauz Khas offers fine dining in a casual atmosphere and that’s why it has been so successful.”

Take a walk around the village and you will discover small, quaint places serving culinary pleasures. This place has almost everything to offer in terms of food.

Places like The Living Room cafe (an Italian restaurant) and Gunpowder (South Indian restaurant) have been popular for a long time, but it is only now that their popularity has picked up. “Over the last few months, Hauz Khas Village has gained more popularity for its eating joints. The surroundings are fascinating and fresh,” says Puranchand Joshi, manager at the The Living Room Café, popularly known as TLR.

Known for its vibrant interiors, the food here is a delight that offers a variety of continental fare. There is something interesting about this place as pointed out by its head chef Munshi Rakebuzaman. He says, “TLR also stands for Tooth, Love, and Respect.”

Holly Kennedy, a visitor here, says, “The place reminds me a lot about eateries and cafes in Madrid. It’s an artistic and beautiful area.”