'Stay true to your designs'

'Stay true to your designs'

Designer from the neighbourhood showcaces her latest collection

Every fashion designer wants to feel the pulse of the customer. Following this mantra is designer Priya Narang, who recently showcased her collection. Looking at the growing fascination for Pakistani designs, Priya decided to bring in authentic designs and the royal feel of Pakistan while designing her latest collection.

But venturing into Pakistani couture was not an easy task as Priya wanted to have the right knowledge before actually designing them. “I ensure that I do proper research for every collection. Even for my latest collection, ‘Islamic Empires’, I wanted to explain the purity and vibrancy of the soul of Pakistan. But since I didn’t get a chance to visit the country, I did the next best thing, hit the library,” she says.

For more than six months, Priya said she read about Pakistani art and architecture, observed the designs available there and brought in her own touch to the collection. “At the end of the day, as a designer, you need to know the pulse and desire of the clients,” says Priya, who is also a fashion design teacher.

Ask her what she thinks about the kind of institutes that are coming up of late, and she says that there is a lot of exposure for students.

“There are so many institutes that are making their way into the market but it is important that they rope in experts from across the globe and ensure that students get better exposure to trends and concepts,” she adds.

But with the competition increasing, Priya is quick to add that getting a break in the fashion industry might be easy but sustaining it is tough. “My advice to all young designers, who are want to make it, is to stay focussed and stay true to your designs. The hard work will pay,” she sums up.