Tv talk

Tv talk

sporty FromFriday Night Lights.

Picking up nine months after last season’s finale, Dillon High’s senior class is one step closer to adulthood as they complete their final year of high school. While Coach Taylor (Kyle Chandler) tries to lead the Dillon Panthers to victory, his wife Tami (Connie Britton) is faced with new challenges as Dillon High’s new principal.

Senior year also tests quarterback Matt (Zach Gilford) as he continues to deal with his ailing grandmother and increasing competition from rookie quarterback J D McCoy (Jeremy Sumpter). Elsewhere, Tim (Taylor Kitsch) continues his hard-partying ways while Lyla (Minka Kelly) makes plans for their future. This season also sees the return of Smash (Gaius Charles), who is now coping with his injured knee, while Jason (Scott Porter) struggles to start a new life with his girlfriend and newborn son. Watch the pilot episode on September 5 at 8 pm on Star World.

Satisfying meal
Discovery Travel and Living brings Nigella Bites on September 4 at 10 pm. Vivacious Nigella Lawson is back on Discovery Travel and Living with her culinary secrets. Nigella Bites brings simple yet delightful meal ideas from the lovely Nigella herself. In this episode, Nigella demonstrates how to create the perfect TV dinner for those occasions when time is of the essence. She understands the importance of producing a satisfying meal in a matter of  minutes.

‘I totally believe in marriage’
Coming into limelight with Balaji’s Kasauti Zindagi Kay, Hemant Chadha has cemented his place in the
tele-world with shows like Solha Shringar and Doli Saja Ke Rakhna.
The talented actor, who
is single speaks about his
idea of romance and his
dream girl.

Who is your kind of woman?
Bold and beautiful, but definitely the one with brains too.

What would be your favourite romantic getaway?

Who inspires you the most?
Sonia Gandhi is my inspiration.

Given a chance to date a powerful personality, who would she be and why?
Princess Diana because she had a dynamic personality and a heart of gold.
Can a woman and a man have platonic relationship?
Yes, definitely.

Who was your first crush?
It was a girl in my class when I was in the sixth standard.
What do you think of marriage?
I totally believe in it. It’s not just a connection of two bodies but of two souls.

Is a sense of humour a must?
Yes. Everyone loves a good laugh.