Love ballad for lonely hearts

Love ballad for lonely hearts

GLITTERING Jayant, Mano, Madhuri, Ashok, Vikram and Imtiaz.

They are known as the talented trio, Mano Murthy, Jayant Kaikini and Sonu Nigam and together they have brought out a first of its kind musical album, Neene Bari Neene.
Through which they would not only like to show their appreciation towards their fans but also open out doors that the Kannada music industry had never ventured into.  
At the launch of the album, music director Mano Murthy, explained how the three of them felt that they wanted to give back the love and adulation the Kannada audiences had showered on them since Mungaru Male.

“The journey started in the year 2007, that’s when Sonu had pitched the idea of the album and I loved it. So we sat down with Jayant and along came Ashok Khenny, who was more than willing to produce it,” said Mano Murthy.  
Altogether, the album has eight romantic songs with one rock number. The challenging factor while making the album was to make each song different and to break the monotony.

“The album depicts the different shades of love through its melodies and lyrics one can experience how a person feels when he first falls in love, the search for a soul mate, childhood love, to whether people have time for love,” said Jayant Kaikini, the lyrist, while adding how proud he was being a part of a non-filmi album. 

Though the voice behind the album, Sonu Nigam, was not present at the launch, Jayant explained how involved Sonu was with the project and the shared some nice moments during the making of the album. “In every song, Sonu brought in subtle shades. While listening to the song one can actually feel the smile on his voice,” added Jayant.
The album also has two videos directed by Vikram Razdan and stars Sonu Nigam, Madhuri Bhattacharrya and Imtiaz. “Both the video were shot in Karnataka itself. I really didn’t know that the State had so much variety. Soon we will be shooting the remaining songs and in each song we hope to showcase the wonders of the State,” he added.
While Imtiaz said that it was a great opportunity to star in an album composed by Mano Murthy, Madhuri said, “I didn’t know I could look so good. The album is very dear to my heart and I really like the simplicity of the songs as everyone can relate to the love story in the album.”

The producer of the album, Ashok Khenny, felt that the album had been launched at the right time. “With piracy of CDs coming under the Goonda Act, producers like us would not mind investing in such ventures and bring out good quality work,” he said while adding, “hopefully albums like these will inspire others to come out on their own and showcase their talent.”

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