How Aishwarya's candle of love sparkled!

How Aishwarya's candle of love sparkled!

candle of love

Aishwarya was about 3 months old and was paralyzed from the hip downwards – thanks to some callous driver who had hit her and heartlessly sped off. Nine out of ten doctors would have opted for euthanasia as the solution. But Dr.Chitra thought otherwise.
She took up the daunting task of trying and bringing back some life into the paralyzed limbs. She gave the pup a daily massage, put her out in the sun and put her  on  a  course of Neurobion injections. Aishu was also given a course of homeopathic m edicines in consultation with a kindly homeopathic physician.
The results were truly encouraging. Aishu, who initially could scarcely  move,  now began to drag herself around with astounding agility. Her sparkling eyes reflected her will to survive against all odds.

Encouraged by these developments, Dr.Chitra decided to go one step further. She got in touch with the doctors at the Veterinary Institute at Hebbal to get Aishu a small aluminium frame with wheels attached below. The cost came up to about Rs.2000. Today, Aishu is a happy dog. For an hour every day, she is strapped onto her vehicle and she happily races around like any other animal, exploring this corner and that and slyly eating some forbidden tidbits.

But like any other handicapped child, Aishu too needs special care. She has to be cleaned often else she is prone to develop sores. A few weeks ago, unfortunately, a sore on her lower back got infected and was filled with pus. She needed treatment immediately else the problem would have got aggravated. Dr.Chitra had to face many a problem in giving Aishu the necessary treatment but eventually emerged triumphant. Aishu’s wound healed completely.

The story of Sonu is not very different either. This one-month old Pomeranian pup was found by Dr.Chitra on the road in a pathetic condition. He was paralyzed waist downwards - a victim of the action of some heartless driver – and had been dumped on the road by his equally heartless masters. Worse still,
he had had a prolapse of the rectum (meaning that the rectum was hanging out) and was in need of immediate medical attention. Again, Dr.Chitra had to face many a hurdle in treating Sonu but ultimately overcame them all.

It was then that Dr.Chitra decided to adopt Aishu and Sonu.
The daunting task now was to find an accommodation for her as most house-owners refused to permit pets in their homes. Finally this hurdle too was overcome.
Today Aishu and Sonu reside with Dr.Chitra who looks after them lovingly despite her busy work schedule. Next month Aishu will be about a year old so Dr.Chitra plans to have a small celebration. Truly, Aishu and Sonu are lucky dogs. But the question remains: how many paralyzed animals are lucky enough to find a caring soul such as Dr.Chitra?