The flow of chi in an area is determined by geomagnetism, astronomy, space and weather. Common examples such as placing an object outside your door, having a dirty kitchen sink or even the colours of the objects around you can affect Feng Shui.
Often people associate Feng Shui only with good fortune and use it to get rich quickly. They believe that a place with good Feng Shui will make a business prosperous and yield great returns. In reality, Feng Shui is a lot more, it’s not just working towards becoming rich, but to make the person think better and work better and create harmony.

In our life, a lot of things can be affected by the colours around us. They act as an invisible force, inducing things to happen. For example, if your study room is painted white or light blue, it will slow down the thinking of your mind, causing you to lose concentration. You could place a few red objects around that room as the colour red provides positive energy that can help you maintain focus.
Each colour has a specific impact and gives the relative result.
The three important colours in Feng Shui which have great significance are red, yellow and green.

Red is the most popular choice among other auspicious Feng Shui colours.
Red is believed to be a lucky colour, especially for the Chinese and many homes are decorated in red, which is said to bring good luck and fortune. Some people decorate their doors with tiny little red accessories, to activate good luck. On special occasions, the Chinese wear red especially during the Chinese New Year and wedding dinners as red also implies blessing the newly wed. Red is also a strong Yang colour which brings intense positive energy and provides a form of motivation.

It is also said that it generates positive energy and helps workers stay focused and also makes businesses prosperous so it is one of the preferred colours at the place of work too. In Feng Shui, yellow is deemed to be an imperial colour.

Yellow is also a Yang colour, so if you think that red is too striking you can chose to use yellow instead. Yellow symbolises cheerfulness, warmth and friendliness, thereby improving the cohesion between workers.

The colour green represents peace and growth. So activating the energy by having green objects in your office will bring about harmony in the office as well as better business.
You could also place plants as it also helps air circulation.
Adapting the powerful Feng Shui colours will help improve the quality of your life, as well as bringing luck for your career.

(The author is a master Feng Shui consultant and traditional Vaastu practitioner)
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