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Coalition politics, a bane on democratic India

A former Governor of Reserve Bank of India, a great economist, a sincere and honest bureaucrat, Manmohan Singh has packed all his virtues, kept them away and simply plays to the music of his party's boss.  Nothing moves without the consent of the party president.  Decisions are taken by the PMO but are made at 10 Janpath.  It is the Congress party that has set this unhealthy trend. The power centre is at the Office of the President of the Congress Party. PM cannot take any decisions on his own forcing him to remain tight lipped. Mamata Banerjee is just following the trend set by the Congress. Why blame her?  In the coalition set up, Party Presidents rule the country and not the government.

D.R. Prasad Gupta

Political interference, an unhealthy trend

There seems to be no love lost between current DG & IGP Mr Shankar Mahadev Bidari and the man who was overlooked for the job, Mr. A R Infant. The running feud between the two has taken another curious twist with the Central Administrative Tribunal quashing the former's appointment to the top job and instructing the state to appoint the latter as adhoc DG & IGP. With Bidari also deciding to challenge the order in the high court and Infant leaving nothing to chance by filing a caveat contending that the court should hear him first before admitting any petition challenging the CAT order it is clear that a battle royale is on the cards. The outcome will have significant overtones not only for the battling police officials but also for the state government which had a big say in the appointment of Bidari to the top post and it will be interesting to see which way the scale tilts.

N J Ravi Chander

Congress should learn lessons from polls

Sonia Gandhi should never forget the fact that apart from "Too many leaders in the party" which according to her was one of the factors responsible for the disastrous performance of the congress in the recently concluded polls, there are other reasons also which has made the common man vote against the congress. Corruption and inflation were the two main factors that led to its defeat.

M. Umesh

Lawyers should be more responsible

The lawyers of Karnataka, especially in Bangalore, have been behaving like a group of unskilled labourers. Their lack professionalism indicates that there is something lacking in the pedagogy of Law Schools. As a corrective measure, lessons in civic responsibility also should be part of their college syllabus. Court procedures could also be simplified to allow the litigants to present their case before the judge without a lawyer. The litigants can get their brief from knowledgeable source elsewhere. All facilities extended to the lawyers within the court premises should be withdrawn, including recognition to the association. The Govt should also examine the scope of bringing Legal profession under the Lokayukta Act.

Gilbert D'Souza


BIAL closure causing great inconvenience

Since the BIAL is closing for repairs/ expansion, all incoming/outgoing flights are being rescheduled before
10 AM and after 6 PM. This is going to cause great hardship to commuters from Bangalore and surrounding Areas. Why can’t the authorities open up the HAL Airport for this period temporarily? It seems that the HAL Airport has been kept open only for VVIP’s. This shows the double standards of our lawmakers - one rule for them and another for the common man.

Sudhir Salaria

RBI should tighten norms

I refer to the report “Banks must use credit info for cos before lending: RBI” (DH, Mar 08). It is said people become wise after a bad event.  When big organizations have become defaulters, RBI is advising banks to be cautious.  In fact, whether big or small, banks must be careful while lending as the degree of honesty prevailing is becoming weak. Almost all banks have defaulters making the common people suffer. There is an alarming growth of non-performing assets. Worse, some organizations have the bad habit of taking loans without any intention of paying back.

S Ganesh


Congress should introspect

The Congress seems to have given more responsibility to its scion than he could chew and digest. It is proved yet again that he can draw good crowds but is unable to convert them into votes if the election results are any indication. The likes of Digvijay Singh with their brash talks and churning out tall promises cannot take the electorate for granted all the time. Another negative point which worked against the party was attacking its political rivals with diatribes and insidious remarks instead of highlighting its achievements, goals and future plans to alleviate the sufferings of the downtrodden.

There is need for introspection over the debacle and remedial action should be taken to preclude further erosion of its base.


Media should act with maturity

The news item regarding school students being found in the snooker parlour opposite the school was shocking. This should not be encouraged at any cost. The parents and the school authorities should take corrective actions so that these incidents are not repeated in the future.

The visual and print media should have acted with maturity in publishing the photographs of these students. It would have been appreciated if the photographs and visuals were not published but rather produced before the parents and school authorities.

Manu P. Cherian

Penalties alone won't pay

I read with interest the report regarding enhancing the penalties for traffic violations. While this is a step in the right direction, levying penalties alone will not bring down violations.  In many cities, city corporations do not care to maintain or enhance infrastructure.  For the harried motorist, negotiating potholed roads is a terrible experience.

The Government and the public should change their mindsets radically or the new provisions will remain only on paper.

Timothy Austin

Resolve LPG gas issue immediately

The State Government should approach the Centre as well as LPG tanker transporters immediately to resolve the ongoing shortage of cylinders. If need be, alternative arrangements by rail should be explored. As a last resort, if nothing works, ESMA should be invoked to stop this strike that has caused immense difficulties to thousands of LPG customers.

D.B.N. Murthy

Attack on media condemnable

Attack on media men in the Court complex in Bangalore is highly deplorable. The lawyers seem to have shed their black coats and instead preferred muscle power to drive home their points.

It has happened only because last time they were not punished and the law is on its long journey to catch them. This is not going to be the last one either. It appears in the days to come that muscle power alone will rein in courts. However, what is disturbing is that the lawyers association has lost control over its members.

Dr. Aniketh Sharma

Clarification needed on time limit for Court cases

As per media reports the alleged accused in the 2G spectrum allocation and mining scam are in jail for a number of months and both have not manufactured any fake illness so far to avoid jail term, as others have done in the past.

The question is whether the law of the land allows any accused to be kept in jail for so long a time or is there a time limit within which cases should be decided.

B S Raghavendra Rao,

Wealth Tax needs more clarification

If the rumours making rounds in the financial circles are to be believed, then most of the middle class IT payers in the upper brackets would be made liable to pay wealth tax. What is more ominous is the likely introduction of a new section in the proposed Direct Tax Code, which is under active consideration by the F.M. It takes into account the cash-in-hand, which is a continuously varying item, exceeding Rs. 2lakhs to be brought under the purview of the computation of Wealth Tax. But, as per accounting principles, even the balance in a savings bank account of an assesse is also treated as cash-in-hand. That means, practically every IT payer, who is hitherto not liable to pay wealth tax, would become a W.T. assesse. And, above all, how is the I.T. Dept going to determine this unless they let loose a raid raj by searching the house-hold accounts of the 3 crore and odd IT payers?

Jorhat Singh

100th 100 when?

The Australian cricket board needs to be applauded for dropping one of their key stalwarts from playing the one day format due to inconsistent form. It is surprising why the BCCI is not able to adopt such policies in persuading players who are ageing and out of form to step down. The rotation policy too is not helping India’s cause at the moment as most of the players have lost confidence in their abilities. It is wiser to play the best eleven in the given circumstances.

K Amul Chander

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