Man accused of circumcising daughter


The public prosecutor at the court in Haarlem, north of Amsterdam, requested the sentence against Moroccan-born Mustapha el-Meddioui, 30, for allegedly circumcising his five-year old daughter. The accused has dual Dutch and Moroccan nationality. The prosecution requested the sentence saying that the girl has been permanently mutilated. He was arrested last year after the girl told her foster mother that her father “put scissors” in her genitals.

Investigators later established the girls’ clitoris and inner labia had been cut off.
The public prosecutor holds the father responsible. El-Meddioui has pleaded not guilty.
Accusing the public prosecutor of “racism”, el-Meddioui however denies responsibility and says other people, such as the girl’s foster parents, probably mutilated his daughter.
The girl made allegations of sexual abuse, but experts said this would be hard to prove. A verdict and possible sentencing is due September 17.

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