Dry lakes in Mysore cause of worry: IISc expert

Seminar on changes in weather and disaster management held

Coordinator of the centre for studies in environmental science and energy, Indian Institute of Science (IISc), Bangalore, T V Ramachandra on Wednesday asserted that the natural calamity and depression in weather is due to rapid urbanisation without proper planning.

He was speaking at the UGC sponsored one-day national-level seminar on ‘Changes in weather and disaster management’ at SBRR Mahajana First Grade college in the city.

Citing the example of Bangalore, Ramachandra said most of the new buildings are designed after European style buildings in that city. However, such designs suit only cold areas. But when the temperature soars inside the building too depending on the weather conditions, it will naturally trigger the demand for fans and air-conditioned systems.

Though the literates account for 80 per cent of the population in Bangalore, not all have basic knowledge on environment. The perfect example is that of heavy rainfall that creates deluge in Bangalore in the recent past. In the earlier days, such incidents were never heard of. Similar is the situation in Mysore too, where the roads overflow at the time of rainfall. Dried up lakes and unscientific UGD system is another reason for such conditions.

The borewells are being drilled to the extent of over exploitation of natural resources. As a result, water source has dried up and even if the water flows out from borewells it’s mixed with chlorin. It’’s affecting the health of users.

Ramachandra appealed to the younger generation to be aware of the pathetic situation and plan programmes and adopt localities at least to create awareness among the masses.

Aseema Nusrath from the PG department of geography said the imbalance in weather is also leading to decline in food production. It has also led to rise in the prices of essential commodities. She termed the management of disaster caused by changes in weather a bigger challenge to deal with in the future.

Chairman of Mahajana Education Society (MES) R Vasudevamurthy presided. Vice-president Prabhushankar, former secretary G S Subramanyam and others were present.

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