I lived in a cocoon, surreal world: Dravid

I lived in a cocoon, surreal world: Dravid

Rahul Dravid today said as a professional cricketer for 20 years he lived in a ''cocoon and surreal world'' and stressed that family would come first when he takes a call in June on his future post the IPL.

Dravid insisted he has not made up his mind on what he would do post-retirement, but said he would take a call in June once the IPL season is over.

"I lived in a cocoon, so to speak. I lived in a surreal world (away from reality in some ways).

"To be away from the game for a while would be good for me, said Dravid, adding, "Whatever decision I take will be based on the fact that I have a young family -- and want to spend time with them."

Dravid said he found strength and encouragement from his parents (Sharad and Pushpa) and brother (Vijay) and they created around him a positive environment which was essential to his success.

His wife, Vijeeta, has been a remarkable partner in his journey.

"She has made sacrifices in her own career and has almost been a single parent bringing up our children alone as I travelled abroad to play. Whenever challenges appeared, she was always there, as sounding board, as ally and as guide."

"Being away from my family became harder and harder through the years and I look forward now to spending time at home and doing the simple things, like just taking my sons (Samit and Anvay) to school," he added.