Woman conquers brittle bone disease, exhibits artwork

Woman conquers brittle bone disease, exhibits artwork

Even though her bones are so brittle that they fracture easily, artist Sadhna Dhand with unbreakable willpower overcome a congenital condition to present her first solo painting exhibition here.

Paintings and photographs by Dhand, who was born with osteogenesis imperfecta also known as brittle bone disease that makes her bones fragile and susceptible to frequent fractures, is on display at the Lalit Kala Academy.

Salutes women power

This is one of the several exhibitions that salutes the work of women who have transcended pain and suffering to come up with beautiful creations. 

Dhand has a talent in photography, bonsai and flower decoration, besides painting. At the ongoing exhibition “Agrpujya” that will culminate on March 15, the artist puts centre stage her favourite subject Lord Ganesha.

The 55-year-old Dhand, who stands 3.3 feet tall and who hails from Raipur is a nature lover and often makes use of flowers, vegetables and leaves in her art. 

Her forte lies in Tanjore painting, stained glass painting and sculptures. 

“She likes portraying various forms of Lord Ganesha. It inspires her and gives her the strength to fight against all odds. 

“She needs assistance all the time but her willpower is immense,” says Sadhna's brother, Vivek Dhand.

“Sadhna’s optimistic approach towards life can inspire anyone. People can learn so much from her. She gets up at five in the morning every day, keeps herself busy and is full of energy," he added.

Apart from art, Dhand invests considerable time in gardening and bonsai and also does photography and flower decoration. 

Dhand's condition has resulted in close to 80 fractures so far and a hearing disability. She was encouraged at an early age to pursue art by her mother, Late Rajkumari Dhand, as a way of avoiding inferiority. 

"I am very proud of my daughter. Despite all odds, she has brought fame and accolades to her family. She is very hardworking and intelligent," says Dhand's father, S P Dhand.

Apart from being an artist Dhand has also been donning the role of a teacher for the past 30 years. 

“She takes hobby classes at her home from morning to late in the evening. Every day, she gives training to more than 50 people. Her students vary from two-year-old children to 50-year-old adults," says Rajendra Samdariya, a friend of Dhand.

Samdariya, who knows Dhand for past seven years, says, "I have never seen her sitting idle. She is involved in woodcraft and ceramic. She translates her art through many mediums.

Referred as Didi

"Dhand, fondly referred to as "didi" by her assistants and students, is passionate about her work and always strives for perfection.

“Her medical condition could not deter her from spending time in her classes,” says Samdariya.