Woman gets life's rudest shock after 200 surgeries

Woman gets life's rudest shock after 200 surgeries

A 20-year-old Chinese woman who spent over 4 million yuan ($633,858) on more than 200 plastic surgeries received a rude shock when told that she could not undergo any more procedures.  

The woman, identified only as "Pink Baby" from Nanjing, claimed that she underwent so many surgeries not to be more beautiful but to "fix the failures". But she has now been told that she can't undergo any more procedures because some of her bones have become eroded by injected materials, the Shanghai Daily reported.

On Thursday, she visited a hospital in Jiangsu province's capital city of Nanjing for a formal examination.

Doctors at the hospital found that almost all parts of her body had been operated upon, and some surgeries were not appropriate for her age.

According to a doctor at the hospital, it would take two or three years to cure her because there are too many problems. 

"Now her breasts and bones of her heels are eroded with beauty materials," said Xia Jianjun, said the doctor. 

"It's impossible to recover the eroded bones of her heel, which now makes it hard for her to walk," the doctor said, adding: "And we also found a tumour about 3 cm long in her left breast." 

Pink Baby said she believed in beauty salons and never went to hospitals for the surgeries. She even lived in South Korea for a year to get surgeries, as she always believed "I can be more beautiful". 

Her rich parents paid for all the surgeries, she said. Pink Baby always wears big sunglasses and masks during interviews.

"I started when I was 16 for double-fold eyelids with buried sutures in a beauty salon," she said.