'Evening with Faiz'

'Evening with Faiz'

Writers discuss his poems to commemorate poet’s 100th birth anniversary

The beauty of the poems written by Pakistani revolutionary poet Faiz Ahmed Faiz is that he brought socialist ideologies to Urdu literature without compromising with the aesthetic sense of Urdu language, opined writer and thinker K Phaniraj.

He was speaking about the poetry of Faiz Ahmed Faiz at a programme ‘An evening with Faiz’ organised by the Journalists’ Study Centre to read and understand the poems of Faiz at Kadri Park on Saturday. The programme was organised to commemorate the 100th birth anniversary of the poet.

Analysing Faiz’s poetic style, Phaniraj said Faiz who was an English literature student in England, began his poems with romanticism and brought the romantic poetry to Urdu literature. However, as he moved on and turned to be a full time Communist, he moulded his language so well only to express his socialist ideologies in Urdu poems.

Perhaps, he is one of those best poets who treated revolutionary aspects in Urdu literature by retaining the poetic beauty, appreciated Phaniraj.

Further, he said that Faiz’s poems were so strong in their revolutionary appeal that his poems are widely recited by the protesters and revolutionary groups in Pakistan even to this day. Kannada cinema Director B Suresh said the imageries used by Faiz in his poems were rebellious in nature. “The images such as prison and chains dominated his poems depicting his strong opposition to the governance.”

Writer and journalist Bhageshree S read out a few poems of Faiz that she has translated to Kannada.