Mr Nookayya

Mr Nookayya

Mobile theft brings its own headache

Telugu (U/A)
Cast: Manchu Manoj, Sana Khan, Kriti Kharbanda, Kiran, Vennela Kishore, Ahuti Prasad
Director: Ani Kanneganti

Trust our film-makers to make an earnest attempt to provide a decent entertainer to their trusted audiences. No. With the result audiences are assaulted with an asinine fare that they just have to swallow it with a bitter pill. One such sorry spectacle is “Mr Nookayya” by debutant director Ani Kanneganti.

In Kanneganti’s world orphans have no better work then turn thieves in order to wriggle out of the situation they find themselves in. If one orphan has this fetish to pilfer mobile phones to make moolah, the bar waitress he is besotted with wants him to make lots of money.

On the other, you have another Anuradha, who working in a bank, steals in order to pay off her hubby’s kidnappers. But, before that can happen, our Mr Mobile thief snitches it from her leaving the stricken lass with no choice but to commit suicide.

However, Mr Mobile thief, who discovers his lover is two timing him while also learning of Anuradha’s plight comes to her rescue and how forms the gist of “Nookayya”. While the film does begin on a breezy note with action aplenty and wee bit of suspense, as the film gains momentum, Kanneganti loses steam and the film trundles into a tasteles and trite mish-mash of mundane movie.

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