Filmmakers don't trust new writers: Onir

Filmmakers don't trust new writers: Onir

Filmmaker Onir, who has made some powerful films like “My Brother Nikhil” and “I Am", says there is no dearth of talented writers but filmmakers like to play it safe and choose to go with tried-and-tested stories.

“I don't think there are no writers or stories, there is a lack of people who believe in them. I am sure there are enough writers and stories but unfortunately the people with the finance don't trust those stories, don't want to go for originals,” the 42-year-old said here at the Mumbai Mantra & Sundance Institute meet.

“They would rather remake something which is already made and that becomes safe. I think it's more about lack of vision than lack of stories,” he added.

Meanwhile, Onir, whose “I Am” recently won the National Award in two categories - best Hindi film and best lyrics, says the honour becomes all the more special as it came for a film not many people initially believed in.

“It's still sinking in... it is for something totally unexpected and that makes it very, very precious... two National Awards for the same film, which nobody believed in when we started off. I am so grateful to all those people who made the film possible,” said Onir.

"I Am" was a public-funded film and had four intriguing and gripping tales that appealed to the audiences.

His next production is “Chauranga”, being co-produced by Sanjay Suri. He has also announced his next directorial venture “Shab”.