Home food in your neighbourhood

Home food in your neighbourhood

After seeSatisfied: A customer at the store.ing a whole lot of bachelors and young people struggling to get home-made food, home-maker Vidya opened her humble kitchen to help them out. Now the kitchen is entering its eighth year and is called the Uttara Karnataka Speciality Food Stores. It is located opposite the Pattabhirama Temple in Jayanagar and caters to many families not only in the locality but in the neighbouring areas as well.

“We have one regular customer who comes in an auto all the way from Koramangala to our place just to have the curd rice here,” she says. Come here during lunch time and one will find many people sitting in their cars or on the ledges with paper plates and indulging in some authentic Uttara Karnataka food.

This is not your typical eatery. Here, seating area and service at the table is not available but Uttara Karnataka Speciality Food Stores sure does promise one thing and that is the taste of home.

It opens at 10.30 in the morning but the place does not serve the typical idli-dosa breakfast. Instead, they have an array of typical North Karnataka rotis like akki roti, jolada roti, ragi roti and chapathis, which can be teamed up with different vegetable curries like brinjal palya, kaalu palya, aalu palak, capsicum palya, tomato palya etc. “We are known for our soft chapathis. A lot of our customers ask us to serve idlis and dosas but we want to limit ourselves to select items. That way, we can keep up the quality,” she adds.

While they also serve rice items in the morning, it's in the afternoon that the real crowd pours in for its famous anna-sambar. This dish is nothing but rice and sambar served mixed. There is surely something about the taste in that dish that people keep craving for it.
“Since we have no place for seating or service, we found that serving plain rice and ‘sambar’ on a paper plate would be a bit messy, so we thought why not give it pre-mixed?” Vidya says.
Soon it became an instant hit. On asking how, she says, “I don't know, in Kannada we call it kai tuthu. I guess that’s why people come here,” she adds. Afternoon, they also serve other rice dishes like tamarind rice, pudina rice, lemon rice, jeera rice, curd rice and others.

Make sure one reaches there as early as possible because the place serves only till the food lasts. One can pre-order but it depends on the quantity of food.

“Since we make everything in our house-kitchen and serve it in our tiny shop, we can't really take too many orders,” she adds. While the same dishes are made in the night as well, the only difference is that one can only parcel the food. The food is very light and costs as less as Rs 13 per plate.

Apart from food, they also serve home-made snacks like chakuli, kodbale, dry avalaki, mixtures and for those with a sweet tooth, this place also makes dry chiroti, besan ladu, godhi oonde and Dharwad peda.