Invaluable Kannada books in dust !

Invaluable Kannada books in dust !

The need of hour is to earmark dedicated place to display books to enable buyers

what a waste! Invaluable books lying amid dust at Hasanamba Kalakshetra. DH PhotoThe Hasanamba Kala Bhavan which earlier resembled a godown has now been upgraded and renamed as Hasanamba Kalakshetra.  All the basic amenities including false ceiling of the building, acoustics, the dais has got a face lift.

But the office of the Kannada and Culture department situated at the very premises, which is in need of immediate repairs stands neglected.

The people who have been constantly talking about Kannada land, language and culture seems to have turned a blind eye towards the office.The onus of maintenance of the Kalakshetra  is on the department of Kannada and Culture. But ironically, it has failed to sustain itself and one look at its office proves this.

Though the office is at the premises of Kalakshetra majority of the people do not know about it. Other departments display their boards at vantage points near the office but this department office can be seen only by those who visit the premises.

Deputy Director Damodar said that the department has shortage of staff. The posts of second division clerk and a peon remains vacant since years. One first division clerk who was present earlier was transferred due to poor performance. Now, the dy director himself has been overburdened with work. There are various academies working in the state and each academy has publication of books. The department of Kannada and Culture is not different and has published many invaluable Kannada literature.

Hundreds of books right from Pampa Bharatha to GSS all are available here.Majority of the people are unaware that books are sold here and there is no such board in the Kalakshetra premises informing people about the book sale.The need of the hour is to reserve some place for the display of the books at the Kalakshetra premises. It would enable those who attend programmes here to purchase books.

Currently thousands of books are lying covered with dust and the whole place resembles a godown.In the year 2009-10, books worth Rs 37,000 were sold. But this year it is only Rs 17,000.  School and college libraries, lecturers and Kannada department students buy books and the common man coming in search of books is very rare. 

It is necessary to allot some space in the ground floor for the same. Moreover, there are no staff for maintenance. People  working on contract basis here  are not paid minimum wages.