Impressive skills on display

Impressive skills on display

Taru Samskriti

Taru Samskriti, the annual fest of Jain University, was recently held in the college premises.

Cheering : The crowd at the fest.

The event comprised  two separate festivals — Samyoga, the cultural fest and Samanvaya, the commerce fest.

Samyoga was a three-day festival with 28 events, and gave the students the perfect opportunity to display their skills on a variety of fronts. The first two days of the festival included around 20 off-stage events, through which the students could channel their creativity.

These included a creative writing competition, an RJ-ing event, a photography competition and even an instrumental solo. The on-stage events, held on the last day, revolved around the theme ‘Silhouette’. One of the most entertaining events was ‘Silhouette Idol’, which was an adaptation of the popular singing show ‘American Idol’. Students battled it out on the stage to show off their vocal prowess. Seven students, who had been previously shortlisted, took part in the competition.

While Shabir Khan chose to sing Woh Lamhe, Afif, another finalist, belted out a popular song from the movie Om Shanti Om. Shri Hari sang Kya Mujhe Pyaar Hai, from the movie Woh Lamhe, and Shashwathi, who had previously been elected the ‘Campus Idol’ of Jain University, sang Silsila Yeh Chahat Ka from the movie Devdas. Eventually, Varsha and Himpal, who sang Mere Dholna and Chori Kiya Re respectively, emerged as the winners.

In the Indian dance competition, Arpitha and team from PES College won the first prize, whereas Shreyas and Hilal, from Carmel College and East Point College respectively, won the prizes for the beat-boxing event. A local rock band called ‘Gun Powder Accounts’ also entertained the audience with funny tunes like ‘Scooby Doo’.
The overall trophy for Samyoga was handed to PES College for their impressive performance. 

Samanvaya began with a short inauguration ceremony — marked by chief guest Shankar Bidari — after which the events began. These included competitions like ‘Best Manager’, ‘Managerial Economist’, ‘Human Resource’, ‘Entrepreneur Development’ and a quiz. Many colleges like St Aloysius, Christ University, IIPM, IBS and Presidency College took part in it.

The overall trophy for the day went to the BBM department of Christ University. Ayesha Kaz won the prize for best manager and Varun Nair, also from Christ, won the prize for managerial economist.