Blast of latent talents

Blast of latent talents


The students of City College, Jayanagar, celebrated the annual Information Technology (IT) fest, ‘Triality 2012’, recently in a grand manner. The two-day inter-collegiate fest consisted of 28 events.

Vibrant : A dance performance.

Compared to previous years, new events were added to ‘Triality 2012’ this year. And that included ‘What’s the good word?’, ‘Motor Mouth’ and ‘Regional Dance’. In ‘What’s the good word?’ a participant was given a word, which he had to define and his partner had to identify the word. ‘Motor Mouth’ required participants to create a conversation for a mute video.

However, events such as ‘Gaming’ and ‘Coding and Debugging’ were real crowd-pullers. The IT fest witnessed the participation of at least 45 colleges from across Bangalore. Participants of ‘Regional Dance’ performed  Punjabi, Marathi and Bengali folk dances.

Also, the two-day IT fest comprised workshops on ‘Testing’, ‘Systems Assembling and Networking’ and a seminar on visual effects, which included making of movies such as ‘Transformers’, ‘Matrix’ and other animated advertisements. Donning maroon T-shirts with the ‘Triality 2012’ motto ‘What you are will show in what you do!!!’
volunteers of the fest guided the guests and seemed extremely busy controlling the crowd.

Rajeev, a second year student of MCA from Bangalore Institute of Technology, said, “This is one of the best fests I’ve been to. It is a perfect mixture of culture and IT and I’ve been participating in the fest for over two years. The City College crowd helps you beat your stress. Even the co-ordinators are supportive. My favourite event is ‘IT Manager’, in which I’ve participated.

I’m totally enjoying here.” Another student, Shwetha Katageri of City College, said, “Though I have not participated in any of the events, ‘Triality’ has proved to be a truly entertaining fest. It has showcased some hidden talents as well. I’m glad to be a student of this college.”

The cheers from the crowd acted as an encouragement as the dance participants performed to myriad Bollywood songs.

Students gathered on the first and second floors of the College as the stilt area was crowded with students and the supporters of the participants. Even students from other colleges thoroughly enjoyed the feast.