KDA chief bats for English

KDA chief bats for English

Kannada Development Authority Chairperson Mukhyamantri Chandru on Tuesday called upon students not to neglect the English language.

He was speaking after inaugurating the valedictory of sports and cultural events at KLE Society’s S Nijalingappa College.

“Mastering English has become inevitable in an era of globalisation, privatisation and computerisation as a majority of the nations in the world carry out administration in English. Hence, it is meaningless to sternly oppose learning of this language,” he added.

However, those who live in Karnataka should learn Kannada and it should be the language of administration. Kannada should be the medium of instruction from the first standard, but the English can be introduced as one of the subjects, he suggested.

“It is high time we evolved a comprehensive educational policy which makes the mother tongue as the medium of instruction mandatory,” he added.

“Of over 6,000 languages in the world, nearly 2,500 languages are being spoken in India alone. Of those, over 150 languages exist in Karnataka. More than 95 such languages don’t have written scripts. India as a country will grow only when we preserve such languages from the onslaught of  English,” he said.

Chandru took strong exception to satirising Kannada dialects in North Karnataka and coastal Karnataka in entertainment industry.

He said such efforts in media, cinema and television should end. “It is not the educated, but farmers and women who can preserve any language,” he stated.