A melange of brains and creativity

A melange of brains and creativity

Incredible Platform

The students of Acharya Institute of Management Studies went all out recently to celebrate ‘Melange 2012’, their biannual techno-cultural festival.

Graceful: Nayan and Braily.

The event was the perfect blend of both technical as well as cultural programmes, and proved to be an exciting time for the entire campus. The festival spanned two days. The first was reserved for technical competitions, which were only open to BBM, BCom, BCA and BHM departments. The second day, however, was open to all and included a medley of colourful and vibrant cultural events.

The competitions on the first day were all of an entrepreneurial bent, and gave the students an opportunity to showcase their mental prowess. Some of the interesting events included ‘Best Manager’ and ‘Best IT Manager’, events which sought to find some of the most efficient leaders among the participating students. Another competition called ‘Best Auditor’ was also held, and around twenty colleges participated in these events.

On the second day, the cultural programme began — and with this, the fun commenced! The students could showcase their creativity on a variety of platforms, including ‘Group Dance’, ‘Solo Dance’ and ‘Mad Ads’. In the ‘Solo Dance’ event, Rahul Ghosh from AIMS stole the show — he competed with 12 other participants, and his explosive B-boy performance shot him straight to the battle round, where he emerged the winner.

The prize for ‘Group Dance’ event was also kept back at home, since the dance team from AIMS picked it up with ease. They performed a Nepali folk dance, and the vibrancy of their costumes, movements and perfect coordination impressed one and all. In the ‘Mad Ads’ event, in which students had to display their creativity as well as a knack for quick thinking, the prize was given to SSMRV College. Colleges such as Acharya Institute of Technology, MSRIM, CMS Institute, Indus Business Academy also participated in the cultural programme.

The icing on the cake, however, was the rock show put up by the college at the end of the day. ‘The Undergraduates’, a popular band, took the stage and had the crowd grooving to its popular and edgy numbers. The best part of the evening was when Nav Chetan Rai, one of the judges for the rock show, actually came up on stage and belted out a quick number.

Achuthan Anil, one of the organisers of the fest, felt that the entire event was an outstanding success. “Helping conduct this fest was a great time for me. Everything, from running around to find sponsors to hosting the cultural events, has been a learning experience,” he said.