'A script must not tire an actor'

'A script must not tire an actor'

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Her brother may be in the news for his allegedly brash ways. But the soft-spoken and beautiful Soha Ali Khan is all serenity and has a royal class about her.

Positive : Soha Ali Khan

With a steady set of releases this year and a handful of projects, Soha says she wants to focus on building her career more than anything.

Refuting reports about her marriage, she says, “I don’t know why others, especially the media, seems more interested in my marriage than I am. Marriage is a long way off and I am not thinking about it at the moment,” says Soha.

Metrolife caught up with Soha and got her talking about her life in the film industry, her brother and her future projects. One couldn’t help but ask Soha what she thought about her brother getting into a brawl at a popular restaurant and the media attention on it. “I’ve been instructed not to talk about it but I think any issue attached to a public figure is blown out of proportion and that's what happened here as well. I can’t say more,” Soha says.

She says that she has a lot to look forward to this year. In Chaurahen, directed by Rajshree Ojha, Soha plays the role of a young girl who is impulsive, fearless and tries to change the man she loves, “He’s grim and morose. She’s an optimist and makes every attempt to pull him out of depression. My character is intelligent and confident about everything she does,” explains Soha.  

Soha is also working with Deepa Mehta for Chemistry, which is a full-fledged comedy and Midnight’s Children. Chemistry, she says, is a romantic comedy. “I have never done a full length comedy before and the script comes as a refreshingly good change. A script must not tire an actor,” feels Soha.

Soha is excited when she begins to talk about Midnight’s Children although she’s not allowed to say too much about the film, which is still in its initial stages. “I love my role in the movie and I am enjoying every moment of working on the set. It’s a privilege to work with an acclaimed director on a story that’s written by a popular author,” she observes.   Soha’s career slowed down a bit after Tum Mile. But this year and in the beginning of next year, she’s expecting many releases.

But what’s it like coming from a family of actors? Was the journey easy? “Never,” says Soha and adds, “We’re very close as a family but professionally, we are all independent people who work in our own line.”

How has Sharmila influenced her? “I’ve worked with my mother before and I must say that it’s quite intimidating working with a her. She can be quite daunting. There are moments when I’ve got the jitters when working with her. She’s a perfectionist,” she says.