Q I am a 21-year-old and I am suffering from severe hair loss (not hereditary). I recently began getting oil massages done twice a week. Is it possible to get back the hair on the sides of my forehead?

A There are several reasons for hair loss, of which the most common is due to hereditary. However, as you emphasise that this is not the issue, I will list other possible causes (a) recovery from surgery (b) prior use of heavy medication (c) infection (d) stress (e) underactive or overactive thyroid (f) imbalance of reproductive hormones (g) poor diet and water intake. 
In order to eliminate options from ‘c-f’ I would recommend paying a visit to your family doctor and getting a blood test done for the same. However, if this hair loss is a result of less water intake and poor quality eating habits then I would recommend the following:

Seven-eight glasses of water a day- water is the most important nutrient that the body needs as it carries the vitamins and minerals to the areas where the body requires them the most. Fruits and vegetables: 5+ a day; thus opt for 2 fruits and 3 vegetables daily.

Make sure your vegetables range from 1 green leafy vegetable, 1 root and 1 salad vegetable. Whole cereals: From brown rice/ ragi/ rye/ jowar/ bajra —have 6+ serves of this a day (example of a serve - 1 chapathi or 2 small phulkas is 1 serving), sprouts:  Go for green gram or moong sprouts, they are a rich source of proteins, vitamins and minerals, nuts: Go for almonds, cashewnuts, walnuts — these have the essential fatty acids and the vitamins and minerals needed for healthy hair.

Vitamin C rich foods: Oranges, mandarins, tangerines, tomatoes, lime, lemons, amla; Vitamin C rich foods should be eaten immediately after the meal, to better help absorb the iron which in turn will help the growth of healthy hair.

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