Chaat street to move home

Chaat street to move home

Destination Food

Roadside food is big in Mysore. In fact, it is in the very psyche of this city to never go hungry, no matter how far from home. Chaat street which has been serving connoisseurs of humble idlis, dosas, dry gobhis, Chinese, eggs, faloodas, chats and juices, will move home from Krishna Vilas Road closer to Kukkarahalli lake, reveals Preethi Nagaraj

piping hot: Masala dosas getting ready to appease the taste buds of foodies on Chaat Street in Mysore. DH photo Prashant H GStar hotels call them live counters. But, when tava is set up by a rickety van that doubles as serving room where food is brought in huge vessels and spicy, tangy smells waft through the air, it turns into a makeshift hotel. 

Magic happens here. This street carries the delight factor. Where else would you find a small vehicle, probably running on bald tyres, whipping out goodies that can calm the fire in your belly?

The process of dry gobhi turning into a treat, the journey of white insipid batter turning into crispy hot dosa (with extra chutney!), piping hot idlis handed out across the counter, eating spicy vadas bathed in bubbling hot oil (calories be damned!) and falooda that can settle things down. Eggs and Chinese are here too, right beside the akki rotti and paddu gaadi! 

Entire street

When an entire street turns into a food destination for those who love to eat over small conversations and treat family members too, it gets its name – the Chaat Street. And, no fanfare is required to name the street thus, and no approval is required from the authorities to retain its name. 

Every Mysorean worth his/her salt, knows where chaat street is, and which gaadi serves the best item of their choice.

This chaat street is now set to shift home.

If MCC’s plans are executed well, those engaged in the business of serving food at chaat street will move lock, stock and barrel to railway parallel road, in Saraswatipuram, by Kukkarahalli lake which snakes towards Kalamandir.

Attempts were made in the past to rehabilitate those who had set up small stalls here, and had to be given up by civic authorities owing to stern opposition by the traders.

Some organisations also stepped in to join hands with them, in this fight to retain their ‘territory’.


“Now the talks have been held and even the traders have agreed to our proposal.  We are working on a few things and as soon as we seal the plan, which is expected to happen by April-May, we should have rehabilitated entire chaat street, to its new destination,” said a highly placed source on condition of anonymity. Parking too will be provided for connoisseurs and traders.


The transition may be smooth and even the process smoother. Anticipation is that even Mysoreans may love this new destination which is roomy, bright and minus the fear of Tiger lifting vehicles parked by the road while enjoying  a hot Akki rotti and tangy chutney to the sound of train chugging past.

With MCC taking the initiative to set up the Chaat street in few months’ time, citizens can probably hope for facilities and hygiene being in place.

However, this might be quite a distraction for walkers and joggers who have been getting their share of oxygen by Kukkarahalli lake.

Because, battling the bulge is not easy when you are famished and vada is being fried right in front of you!