200 polling booths do not have proper road connectivity

200 polling booths do not have proper road connectivity

Election officials finding it difficult to transport EVMs

The ruling and the opposition parties, both remember villages only during elections. Once the elections are over, they turn their back, only to return during next elections. Several fine examples for the same can be found in Chikmagalur.

It might seem like an exaggeration if one says that there are roads in four Assembly constituencies of Udupi-Chikmagalur Lok Sabha constituencies, which have not seen buses so far.

The election officials are literally finding it difficult to transport Electronic Voting Machines and take personnel to remote polling booths using maxicabs, jeeps etc simply because these booth do not have proper roads on which buses can ply.

Officials given responsibility of transporting EVMs say that they can only be thankful to divine powers because they have not confronted situation where they had to carrying EVMs on head so far.

District administration has been given 92 KSRTC buses, 59 private buses. 290 Maxicabs and jeeps for taking personnel and EVMs to polling booths. However, of the given vehicles, 90 jeeps are being used by police to maintain law and order. According to sources there are about 200 polling centres where KSRTC buses cannot reach.

Hence District Administration is using 200 jeeps to reach to these places.

There are 35 jeeps deputed for Chikmagalur, 60 for Mudigere, 21 for Sringeri, 44 for Koppa, 16 for NR Pura and 10 for Tarikere.

Muthodi Deputy Conservator’s forest polling booth has minimum number of voters in Chikmagalur constituency. This booth has only 12 voters, while Ambale booth in Mudigere constituency has 1,584 voters, which is the highest. Sringeri’s booth with minimum voters is located at Nandigave in NR Pura with 81 voters while highest voters are registered at A L N Rao Government Higher Priomary School in Koppa with 1,272 voters.

Meanwhile Tarikere constituency has Sampigekatte Estate booth with 113 voters is the booth with minimum number of voters while Ajjampura Government Junior College (West) has 1,363 voters and stands highest.