Circus comes to City again

Circus comes to City again

Acrobatic performances have a mix of Indian, Russian, African artistes

Tents are pitched, caravans are parked, excitement is high in air as Jumbo circus has come to town. The circus renowned for its dangerous acrobatic performances has a mix of Indian, Russian and African artistes who are all set to make Mangaloreans bite their finger nails.

Artistes performing dangerous acrobats at Jumbo Circus which kicked off at Karavali Exhibition Ground in Mangalore on Friday. DH PhotosThe circus which was inaugurated on Friday by MCC Mayor Gulzar Banu kicked off with the famous ‘Hawai Jula’ as the first act. Here acrobats were swinging high in air making the crowd scream with awe with every somersault. The Jokers too had a part to play, making the crowd laugh when the joker fell on the net below while his pant was swaying in the swinging acrobat’s hand.

Another unique act shown put up by Jumbo circus is the fish swallowing act. Here an artiste swallowed fish and then vomited them out alive. He also drank water from a jug and spurted it out in three different colours.

The parrots added delight to the show. The cockatoo parrots were seen balancing on poles, pulling a small cart, walking on tight ropes and climbing ladders. A juggling artiste stole the spotlight when he managed to catch a set of plates which were thrown to him. He brilliantly juggled bottles, caps, balls and also balanced four bottles on the tip of another bottle.

A bendable babe from North East dangerously flexed her body into various postures while balancing candle stands in her mouth, hands and legs. The saree acrobatic show, ring ballet, hula-hoop, balancing things on legs, acrobatics using only hands were other performances which were appreciated by the audience.

The circus will have daily shows at 1 pm, 4 pm and 7 pm.


Speaking at the inauguration, Moodbidri MLA Abhaychandra Jain, went down the memory lane and remembered how he used to wait for the circus to come to town. “With technology and modernisation, many do not visit circus. This art is losing its importance and it needs encoragement,” he said.

KPCC Secretary Ivan D’Souza stressed that circus should not be a dying art. Instead, it should be a growing art. MCC Deputy Mayor Amitha Kala was also present.

Origin of Jumbo

It was on October 2, 1977, in Dhanapur town, Bihar that Jumbo Circus had its maiden performance, under the enterprising leadership of M V Shankaran. The Jumbo Circus, pioneered the introduction of world class Russian artistes in the Indian Circus and heralded a new era of Indo-Soviet Cultural Exchange.

The troupe which is performing in Mangalore is the second unit of Jumbo Circus. The highlight of this unit is that it has an African troupe from Tanzania who will have their first performance in Mangalore.