`Red Bull' creator is dead

`Red Bull' creator is dead

 Chaleo Yoovidhya, whose invention of energy drink Red Bull created a global sensation and made him one of Thailand's richest men, died Saturday at the age of 90.

Chaleo passed away due to natural causes at Chulalongkorn Hospital in Bangkok, reported Xinhua citing the Bangkok Post online.

Chaleo founded T.C. Pharmaceuticals, which developed the energy drink "Krating Daeng" -- in Thai meaning "red bull", in the 1970s. The product became highly popular among truck drivers and labourers.

Austrian entrepreneur Dietrich Mateschitz discovered the drink while on a sales trip to Asia in 1984. He talked with Chaleo and his son Chalerm about marketing the drink worldwide with a new brand Red Bull.

The Yoovidhya family owns 51 percent of the joint venture and Mateschitz 49 percent.