XCyton announces launch of revolutionary diagnostic tool

XCyton announces launch of revolutionary diagnostic tool

City-based Diagnostic firm XCyton Diagnostics today announced the launch of a path-breaking diagnostic tool, Syndrome Evaluation System (SES) which it said will result in effective treatment and saving of lives.

Technologies now available for diagnosis of infections are inadequate to detect and institute specific therapy in critical illnesses, resulting in loss of function (eye infections resulting in permanent blindness or brain infections causing paralysis) or life (through Septicaemia- nearly 3 million cases annually or encephalitis- nearly 1.5 million suffer annually), B V Ravi Kumar, Founder Chairman & Managing Director of XCyton Diagnostics Pvt Ltd told reporters here.

Commercially available conventional tests like bacterial and fungal cultures, viral cultures or immunological tests take three to seven days to identify and/or detect the illness and thus are not of any help to the physician in decision making at the critical hour while with SES, it is possible to have a report in seven hours, he said.

SES allows for immediate identification of multiple organisms, inclusive of bacteria, viruses, fungi and parasites, in a specific test from a single sample.The process provides clinicians with a fast, definitive assessment of a patient who presents symptoms common to multiple pathogens.

"My belief that lives can be saved and disabilities can be prevented if the diagnosis is made early during infection led to the creation of SES. In lifestyle diseases, people can take complete control of their health. In case of infections, it is not possible", Ravi Kumar said.