GE Healthcare to launch 20 products in 2012

GE Healthcare to launch 20 products in 2012

GE Healthcare is going to launch 20 new products that have been developed and manufactured in India, in 2012, said President and CEO of GE Healthcare India, Terri Bresenham.

The company spends on an average of $50 million every year on R&D for healthcare solutions in India and Bresenham believes that research in India has been very fruitful and will yield returns for them.

In 2012, GE Healthcare has put its focus on key issues and is “AtWork, for a Healthier India” which takes forward GE Healthcare’s vision to provide better healthcare in areas of
early detection ofcancer, infant and maternal care,and cardiovascular diseases.

Bresenham explained that India, China, Middle East and Africa, all have their unique
healthcare market. “India has the closest consumer-driven healthcare sector in the world
and we are going to develop moreproductsout of thiscountry,” said Bresenham.

The company is also working on creating awareness on cancer and proper treatment
among the Indian masses through a national ad campaign which will educate people
on the disease and its seriousness.

The CEO also said that in the coming years GE will have sharper focus on cancer and
cardio vascular diseases. They have already developed a product for Molecular breast imaging which is now being piloted for the first time in Mumbai.

This device, GE feels can detect breast cancer that Mammography cannot detect and painlessly too.

Bresenham added that they also plan to set up a research network across India with the
help of qualifiedhealthcare researchers; engineering talent andalso the patient population in India.

“Any research that would take 18 months in US would take only three months in India,
owing to its pool of patients available to conduct researches,” explained Bresenham.

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