Stolen NATO army kits on sale in Pakistan!

Stockpiles of NATO military equipment meant for use against the Taliban are being sold in Pakistan's black market, a British media report said.

Stolen military-issue knives, Kevlar bulletproof vests, tool kits, flares, first aid sets and even official stationery are on sale in Pakistan, the Daily Express reported.

According to the report, in Pakistan's Karkhano market in Peshawar city, near Afghan border, merchants display masses of camouflage clothing and military-grade insect repellent at very low prices.

A vendor confirmed, the kit came from NATO lorries plundered on the border and the US-run Baghram air base, where entire containers are illegally bought and auctioned off, One vendor confirmed .

Buyers "come from all over Pakistan, even foreigners, and are attracted because it is of good quality and is being sold very cheaply", he said.

"Much of this kit may have been stolen during hijacking of the convoys, but some is certainly being sold by Afghan National Army forces," said Patrick Mercer, a British MP.

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