ASC to face Navy in final

Tarsem Singh scores five goals for Armymen
Last Updated 05 September 2009, 16:53 IST

ASC moved into title round following a 7-4 win over Remount Veterinary Corps and the Navy side dished out a clinical performance to oust the combined team of Artillery and Presidents Body Guards 9-6 on Saturday.

The combined team, coming in with a lot of confidence following a win in their first match against RVC, looked shoddy but the three-point handicap gave them a definitive advantage.

Despite the deficit, Navy showed no signs of nerves. Their forward Simran Shergil scored the first goal within two minutes from the start and it was soon followed by two blistering strikes by Akhil Sirohi. With the scores tied at 3-3, the combined team panicked and squandered a number of easy chances. Navy’s Simran converted a 30-yard penalty to give his side the lead for the first time in the match.

The star of the combined team’s win in the previous match, Joginder Shekhawat converted a 30-yard penalty to equalise but Sirohi’s field goal gave Navy the edge again. Sirohi extended the lead at the start of the third chukker but the combined team managed to pull one back through Shekhawat’s spot hit. Simran scored once again to give Navy a 7-5 lead but Shekhawat reduced the deficit with a powerful shot from the 80-yard mark.

Simran scored his fourth goal in the fourth chukker while AP Singh scored his first to seal the match in favour of Navy. In the second semifinal, Tarsem Singh scored five goals while Abhimanyu Pathak scored two in ASC’s win.  RVC held an advantage with a two-point handicap but Mangal Singh and skipper Sandeep Kashyap could only contribute a goal each.

Show jump results:

Open (120 cm): Yashaan (RM Farms) 1; Nitin Gupta (ECE) 2; Ajai Appachu (EIRS) 3.
110 cm: Sanjana Madappa (EIRS) 1; Maryk Sahney (ECE) 2; Karan Virwarni (EIRS) 3.
U-18: Accumalator (100 cm): Aditya Virwani (EIRS) 1; Fouad Mirza (ECE) 2; Githika Basappa (ECE) 3.

80 cm: Mahesh (EIRS) 1; Mishul (ARPA) 2; Anirudh (MRS) 3.
U-14: Accumalator (80 cm): Shiva Kumar (ARPA) 1; Yashish Chaudhary (ECE) 2; Shambhavi Ajila (ECE) 3.
80 cm: Rushil C Patel (ECE) 1; Bharath (RM Farms) 2; Zarosh Barucha (EIRS) 3.

(Published 05 September 2009, 16:51 IST)

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