Artisans to turn designers

Artisans to turn designers

Happy Hands Foundation, an organisation that works for artisan-support programmes, has launched an initiative – Artists-in-Residence – that gives an opportunity to artisans from the remote corners of the country to learn design aesthetic and improvise their work.

“Artisans from different part of the country will stay with us in Delhi and do a one month workshop.

“Since artisans do not have much sources and knowledge of outer world, this workshop will give them exposure and enhance their creativity and business style,” said Medhavi, director, Happy Hands Foundation.

The Artists-in-Residence is a 25-day residency programme that will make artisans learn new ways of art. Also, they will get the chance to teach people their art.

The workshop, that starts on April 5, is an attempt to help them learn basic concepts of design, lateral thinking, packaging etc through a series of educational sessions.