No visas for salesmen in Saudi Arabia's lingerie shops

No visas for salesmen in Saudi Arabia's lingerie shops

Saudi Arabia's labour ministry has suspended visas for foreign salesmen at all lingerie and cosmetics shops to pressurise business owners to employ Saudi women in these stores.

Fahd Al-Takhifi, Assistant Undersecretary for Development at the Ministry of Labour, said the ministry will continue to allow these companies to employ males in other positions.

According to the report, business owners have until June 27 to employ Saudi women in all cosmetics shops, as is currently the case with lingerie shops.

The ministry is considering proposals to ensure Saudi women are also employed at perfume shops and in other female-related commercial activities, Al-Takhifi was quoted by Saudi Gazette as saying.

He said no decision has been taken in this regard yet because the ministry is focusing its efforts first on lingerie and cosmetics shops.

Al-Takhifi said business owners have cooperated with the ministry to overcome various challenges in the feminisation programme.