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TV Talk

Beautiful landscapes

A clip from ‘Untamed Europe’.Animal Planet presents ‘Untamed Europe’ on March 21 at 8 pm. In one part of the world, true gems of nature still wait to be revealed.

A place filled with vast icy mountain ranges, lush green forests, miniature paradises and grand expanses.

The cycle of life across Europe is driven by the weather and nature’s resilience produces a diverse landscape filled with wildlife.

This epic trip through the changing seasons is filmed on a massive cinematic scale with innovative techniques that show the true beauty of the continent.

Golden eagles fly over the Alps, chamois battle the snow on the steep peaks, bears and wolves hide in the mountains and all manners of birds find refuge in the forests and meadows.   The changing colours and climates of this diverse continent are explored in one extraordinary year to reveal the wealth of wildlife that hides across ‘Untamed Europe’.

With human qualities 

Watch ‘Splice’ on UTV Action on March 21 at 8.45 pm. Directed by Vincenzo Natali, the movie stars Adrien Brody, Sarah Polley, Delphine Chaneac, Brandon McGibbon, Simona Maicanescu, David Hewlett and Abigail Chu.

Elsa Kast and Clive Nicoli are scientists at the Newstead Pharmaceutic working on splicing DNA from different animals to form new genetic life and thereby find ways to help mankind. They have created the hybrid Ginger and Fred and now they want to work on splicing human genes to create new life. When management kills the project, they secretly generate a life form with human qualities and call it Dren. Elsa is very fond of Dren as it grows up to show intelligence.

When the experiment is shut down, they bring it to their farm and raise Dren like their own daughter. But problems arise when Dren reaches adulthood and shows signs of sexual maturity. Elsa and Clive have a problem at their hands to solve. 

Irreplaceable heart

HBO presents ‘Crank — High Voltage’ on March 21 at 9 pm.

The movie stars Jason Statham, Amy Smart and Clifton Collins Jr. Chev Chelios faces a
Chinese mobster who has stolen his nearly indestructible heart and replaced
it with a battery powered ticker that requires regular jolts of electricity to keep working.

Emotional relations 

Balika Vadhu airs on March 21 at 8 pm on Colors. Gauri comes to Jaitsar and tells badi jiji that she is getting married. Further in the episode, Jagya and Gauri are fighting as she suspects Jagya is getting close to Anandi. All this happens in Anandi’s presence.
What happens next? Tune in to find out. 

Extramarital affair 

Kya Huaa Tera Vaada airs on Sony Entertainment Television on March 21 at 10 pm. Mona gets a call from Pradeep’s cellphone. When she answers it, a servant tells her that someone has left this phone at his boss’ house. Mona tells him that this is her husband’s phone and asks whose house has he left it in. The servant says — Anushka Sarkar. Suri gossips with Pradeep about Anushka’s affair with someone. Pradeep is uncomfortable but gets to know later that no one knows who she is having an affair with. He cannot take it anymore and rushes to Anushka and hands in his resignation. He tells her that he cannot work with her anymore and storms out.


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