'Politics has demeaned edn'

She delivered a special talk at St Joseph’s School organised by Kodagu ZP, Public Instructions Department and Karnataka State Teachers’ Welfare Fund on the occasion of Teachers’ Day on Saturday.

“Amidst the buzz of mine owners in the State, the knowledge mines are being sidelined. Such politicians have become part and parcel of the administrative mechanism. Hence, the interests of teachers and students hold no value. The situation is such that teachers are forced to follow the rules and regulations framed by somebody somewhere,” she said adding that the schools have been converted into laboratories after the SDMCs came into existence. “The fundamental goal of education is to build character. Education without character cannot be called so. A society with character can be built only when the children are imparted moral education. But there has been a fall of values in the contemporary society. We are looking at the education scenario with a commercial angle. It is true that the education system should change as the society changes, but the basic motto of education should not alter. Apart from providing employment, education should make the person pro-societal,” the principal said.

Diversion from motto
“There is no doubt that the society takes a wrong direction if education diverts from its main motto. The faults of an advocate or a doctor may harm the life of a single person, but the faults of a teacher will haunt the humanity throughout centuries,” she quoted.
Capacity without courtesy creates but a demon. Instead of courtesy we are teaching mere capacity to children. Considering the direction in which the youngsters are moving, one should introspect that where does our education system has taken a wrong path, said Yashodha Ramachandra.

Characterless education
Education without character is the main reason for today’s politics without philosophy, scientific development without humaneness, comfort without intelligence and richness without efforts, she analysed.
Many teachers are losing their morality. When teachers themselves face the charge of sexual harassment of their students, how can the society respect them? she asked.

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