Superlatively spicy

Superlatively spicy

Platter flatter

Delhiites are game for anything when it comes to food. And when it is an
offering of South Indian cuisine, they are sure to lap it up. So, if you are looking for a place where you can truly enjoy typical, authentic Andhra food at a price that will not pinch, this is the place to visit.

Situated near India Gate at 1, Ashoka Road, Andhra Pradesh Bhavan canteen is a prominent landmark which more than fulfills the requirement of a very hungry stomach. If you are looking out for a fine dining experience, this is definitely not the place because the interiors are ordinary, there is no china ware in which food is served and no silver cutlery to allure visitors. Frankly, that the crowd waiting patiently outside could fool the first timer and doesn’t exactly do wonders for claustrophobia. But there is something about Andhra Bhavan canteen which keeps bringing you back for more.

In short, for those addicted to gastronomic extravaganzas, this is the best place to be to get unlimited, good quality  food at very affordable prices. You can enjoy every south Indian dish from a plain rice and poori; from vegetable curry to pepper chicken and mutton prepared in typical Andhra style.

Says Jatendra Kumar, an event manager and a regular at the canteen, “I am Delhi based and have been visiting this place for the last seven years. I haven’t seen any compromise with quality at all. The food is tasty and I would recommend breakfast and lunch. Be it a vegetarian or non-veg thali, the food is uniformly excellent.

The management and staff too are very efficient. The hustle and bustle inside the canteen only add to the enjoyment of a good meal. A must visit place with family and friends.”

Though Andhra Bhavan sees its share of Delhiites, the canteen has not dearth of visitors who are on short or business trips from AP. Appaji Athota, a doctor from Andhra Pradesh says, “This place is a complete package for South Indians. We feel at home here. This place caters to everything from taste to hygiene to from quality and quantity at a reasonable price, so why would we visit another place?

Venu Gopal, the manager here mentions that AP canteen goes back 22 years and though the ambience is not that lavish as compared to other restaurants, but we do have our regular visitors. There is daily rush here. Which dish gets the maximum preference? “The choices differ from person to person but the most famous one is “Hyderabadi biryani” which is on the menu on Sundays only.

What makes Andhra Bhavan canteen so special? “One of the reasons could be value for money, but the main reason I feel are the spices that are used here are straight from Andhra Pradesh. We do not compromise on quality and all the raw material has been brought in from AP. We want out our visitors to feel at home away from home,” he explains.

You might feel a little uncomfortable at first with the prospect of sharing your meal space with a bunch of strangers (the canteen makes diners share tables) but you will gradually realize that it’s not too bad after all, since you will be too busy in your meal anyway.

Besides, it is one of the things that ensure a speedy turnover and everyone gets to be seated real quickly.

The food is superlative and mind you, quite spicy. The extras... Mutton/Chicken Fry, Prawn Curry etc are all good. The standard Veg Thali comes for Rs 90 and the extras vary between Rs 80 - 100. The entire package is fantastic value for money. Oh yes, don't forget to pick up a paan (typical Indian after meal savoury) for Rs 5.