International flights not disrupted or cancelled: Air India

International flights not disrupted or cancelled: Air India

 The Air India today issued an official statement clarifying that there were no disruptions or cancellations of its international flights on Wednesday.

"A section of the press reported today that on March 21, international flights of Air India were affected by delays and cancellations due agitation and strike by cabin crew."

"Air India would like to clarify that there were no disruptions or cancellation of flights operating on international sectors. All flights from Mumbai and Delhi were operated as per schedule," an official AI statement said.

Incidentally, a section of the media has carried reports that passengers booked on at least four Air India international flights were stranded at the Mumbai airport yesterday, as members of the Air India cabin crew refused to operate flights over unpaid salaries and allowances.

It was also reported that a flight each to Jeddah and Riyadh from the city was cancelled owing to the agitation by the airline's cabin crew, quoting unnamed sources among All India Cabin Crew Association (AICCA) and airport officials.

Besides, media reports said that passengers on board a Mumbai-Newark flight, scheduled to take-off at 12:30 am, were stuck at the airport for about four hours as the stir delayed the flight and that those flying to London were also made to wait for hours because of it.