Graphically speaking

Graphically speaking


Graphically speaking

Use of graphic prints is a strong, vibrant trend that can freshen up even the most mundane home environment, writes Sudha Jain

Bored of traditional prints, subdued colours and -of-the-mill decor at home? Then graphic prints could be the ideal alternative for you. No, this will not create a dent in your pocket but give a bright, attractive and vibrant look to your home decor. 

A type of fine art, graphic art covers a broad range of art forms. Graphic art is typically two-dimensional and includes calligraphy, photography, painting, lithography, typography, serigraphy and bindery.

Bringing the retro look to everything from cushion covers to a hand-painted kettle, to ash trays and wall papers, graphic prints can do all this and more! The use of bright hues to express drama, ancient art, Bollywood and even humour is dominant.  

Graphic prints are everywhere in the interior design world. It’s a strong, vibrant trend that can freshen up even the most mundane home environment. One of the best ways to infuse graphic pattern is wall paper. Large scale print wallpaper can not only be expensive but visually overwhelming as well. The one way to minimise cost and maximise impact is limiting graphic statements to a well-placed focal wall.

Bold and simple, graphic prints are a perfect choice when working with a larger scale. You can incorporate these graphic prints in a number of ways : through the upholstery of your furniture, a large throw rug, throw pillow, wall papers and even little knick knacks around the house.

When dealing with strong patterns, it’s often a good idea to add a hint of it and not go the whole hog. Imagine a room with only bright patterned cushions, wall papers and accessories…now that would be quite jarring. Even cushions with graphic prints can change the look of the room and bring in vibrancy, so there’s no need to bombard your house only with bold bright prints. Subtlety goes a long way when it comes to decorating with graphic art. After all how you decorate your home is also a reflection of your personality.  

Nikita Bhargav, creative head of, a lifestyle products store, says, “There is a constant innovation happening in the home decor sector. 

“Graphic art for home decor is quirky, funky and adds a lot of style and charm. These are easy conversational pieces. We don’t need too many of them in homes. Just a couple of well-placed decor pieces and they will be the most talked about pieces you will have at home. They add a quirky touch to lighten up a dull corner in the house. Graphic print wall papers are a huge hit on our website now. It’s trendy and chic and finds favour with the youngsters.”

Just splashes of graphic print on your wall or your rug, and you have a room that you will love.  

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