Rising prices doesn't dampen festive spirit

Rising prices doesn't dampen festive spirit

Residents all over the district are fighting incessantly for the implementation of irrigation schemes, including observation of the World Water Day on Thursday.

last minute: Sale of mango and neem leaves, and flowers was brisk at the market on MG Road in Kolar on Thursday, the eve of Ugadi. dh photo

Yet, in spite of all the struggle, there is putting off the celebrations due for the New Year.

The market places were buzzing with activity as people went about making last minute purchases for Ugadi on Friday. MG Road, Doddapet Road, the Main Market, the flower market at the old bus stand area and the commercial complex near the new bus stand were full of people making their way through the crowd.

Costly clothes

The most excited of the lot were the cloth store owners, as the New Year continues to be an occasion for purchase of new clothes. The increase in demand was followed by a hike in the prices of clothes, but that did not deter the buyers. The shops were mostly full of women and children.

Ramachandra, a resident of Tekal, however, felt the price hike has affected the middle class, as they cannot celebrate Ugadi with enthusiasm and ease.

“The price of clothes is sky-high. I had to spend Rs 750 for just one set of clothes for my son, the shirt rated at Rs 250 and the trousers as much as Rs 495. Just two years ago, the set would have been priced at Rs 350 to Rs 450,” rued Krishnamurthy, resident of Karanjikatte.

Flowers, vegetables

“We are paying much more this year for virtually everything, not only clothes. The prices of all vegetables, other than onion, brinjal, carrot and garlic, is scaring us,” said Santhosh, a resident of Gowripet in the city.

Horsegram was priced at Rs 50 to Rs 60 per kilogram on Thursday, drum stick Rs 50, banana Rs 40, orange Rs 50 to Rs 60, apple Rs 150 and pomegranate Rs 120. Marigold was priced at Rs 50 per bunch.

The mango and neem leaves, used to deck up entrances to homes, were Rs five per bunch.