Fishermen stage stir against pipeline

Fishermen stage stir against pipeline

The Karavali Traditional Fishermen’s Association staged a protest in mid-sea against the plan to fix affluent pipeline from MSEZ in the Mukka area.

Fishermen in their traditional boats staging a stir in mid-sea, about 8 kms from the shore, in protest against the affulent release pipeline, near Mangalore on Thursday. DH photo

A a part of protest , the fishermen symbolically blocked the barge and tug belonging to firm. Around 150 fishermen in 17 boats took part in the protest from Meenakalia to Mukka beach.

The fishermen alleged that the pipelines already fixed by the MRPL and BASF at the Chithrapura area have resulted in significant reduction of fish catch in the region.

Karavali Traditional Fishermen’s Sangha President Vasudeva B K said that the fishermen will not allow the authorities concerned to fix the pipeline at any cost.

“The affluents released from the already laid pipelines have resulted in reduction of fish wealth in the area. If more pipelines are laid, the traditional fishermen will further suffer,” he said.

 “The pipelines are also causing damage to the fishermen’s nets too,” he added.

Fishermen’s Association Vice Presidnet Vamana Amin said that if the authorities concerned continue to allow more pipelines, traditional fishermen cannot survive. “Now we are forced to travel more distance to catch fish. As far as traditional fishermen are concerned, that is not at all affordable,” he rued.

Fishermen leaders Raghunath Poojary and Yathish Baikampady were also present during the protest.