‘Amar Kahani’ of Amar Singh

“Dost dost na raha Pyar-Pyar na raha... ”, goes a sad Hindi Bollywood song of yesteryears. The lyric, now, seemingly reflect the melancholy of Samjwadi Party general secretary Amar Singh convalescing in a Singapore hospital after a kidney transplant.
A visibly pulled down Singh thinks that his party friends have not stood by his side in the time of need.
He is not happy even with his boss Mulayam Singh Yadav. “He and his son came to see me”, comments the SP general secretary but not without giving a twist “No more can be expected from a politician”.
In a television interview from  Singapore, he said that the credit for the current status of the Congress should go to him as it is he who laid it’s real foundation. But he would not go begging and meet Congress President Sonia Gandhi.
On Film actor Sharukh Khan jocularly calling him ‘khooni darinda’ at an award distribution ceremony, the high-flying politico says “he should restrain his tongue”.
Singh, however, is very happy with ‘Mahanayak’ Amitabh Bachchan who has given him company all through his illness in Singapore. “Mulayam Singhji is busy in by-elections so can not spare much time”, says the SP general secretary but makes it clear as who is the ‘real friend’.
Amitabh Bacchchan has flown down here and stayed with me suffering huge loses by dropping his shooting schedules, he says. Bachchan emerges as a hero in Amar’s life. It seems to be “a Amar Kahani of Amar and Amitabh”. A super-duper hit.

Deepak K Upreti, New Delhi

Dress code

Cine star and Lok Sabha member from Patna (now called Pataliputra) Shatrughan Sinha has maintained a studied silence on the recent controversy over the expulsion of senior BJP leader and former Union finance minister Jaswant Singh.
The man, who has always opposed injustice — be it in Bollywood (Sanjay Dutt’s case) or politics (shady characters entering parliament) — was even branded as ‘Loudmouth’ for being frank and outspoken.
But now after his self-imposed silence, Shatru has finally come out in defence of the expelled leader.
“How can someone be expelled from the party simply for writing a book,” he said in an oblique reference to Jaswant’s book ‘Jinnah: India, Partition, Independence’.
“Are we politician not supposed to have a personal ideology,” he wondered.
Appearing for the TV show ‘Dus Ka Dum’ with former MP and colleague Hema Malini, he was asked by Salman Khan whether his long flowing black sherwani was part of Nehru’s dress code?
Shotgun, known for his
wit and humour, shot back, “No this is Jinnah’s code of dressing.”

Abhay Kumar, Patna

Dual role

The grand thanksgiving ceremony organised by the Karnataka Film Chamber of Commerce (KFCC) for Chief Minister Yeddyurappa at Gayathri Vihar, Palace Grounds, had a person in dual role.
Among the guests was Shivaraam, who had the men in khaki puzzled. The confusion about him was, who was he representing — the government or the KFCC.
The managing director of Mysore Sales International, Shivaraam is known more as an actor than a bureaucrat. He takes sometime off from work every two years to come out with a movie (don’t ask about the response at the box office).
The policemen deployed at the venue could not identify him at first, but later realised he was a film actor. A police inspector extended his hand for a hand-shake. Suddenly, he realised that the person in front of him was not just a film actor but a senior IAS officer.
The policeman immediately pulled his hand back. But Shivaraam, who had by then stretched his hand, was still standing in front of him with his hands extended.
The embarrassed officer disappeared in no time. Shivaraam, then left to take his seat in the VIP gallery.

G Manjusainath, Bangalore