Magistrate records abandoned kids' statements

Magistrate records abandoned kids' statements

Report to KLSA soon

KLSA Chairperson Justice V Gopal Gowda had directed the DJJB to collect information on the circumstances which led children to live on streets based on media reports. Pattan, who met children at the Short Stay Home for Distressed Children in the city, will submit a report to KLSA soon.

Children were seen wandering near Jyothi Circle on Friday night. Following information from local people, they were sent to the Short Stay Home through Child Welfare Committee (CWC).

Sheela had revealed to CWC that their father Shivanna, who is a drunkard, had killed mother Chandramma before throwing three of them off to streets. Meanwhile, their 4-year-old brother Raju was sold to a neighbour by their father. Shivanna and Chandramma couple’s eldest brother Gopal (19) is in jail for committing theft while another brother Babruvahana (16) is in Observation Home in connection with another theft case.

Bridge Course for children
CWC Chairperson Prof Hilda Rayappan told Deccan Herald that arrangements will be made to provide children bridge courses under the Asha Kiran scheme of the Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan of Education Department.

“We are now putting effforts to bring them back to normal hygienic life. We are also offering them love, care and affection to make them free from fears,” Rayappan added.
Talking about the addiction in children, Rayappan said that there is no need of de-addiction treatment for children as there is no signs of withdrawal syndrome in them.
SP Dr A S Rao said that Inspector Tilakchandra and a woman officer has been assigned to conduct inquiry into the revelations of children regarding the murder of their mother. Police will take necessary action in connection with the incident, he assured.