High-decibel cacophony

Kannada (U/A)
Cast: Ravichandran, Ravishankar, Sadhu Kokila, Nikesha Patel, Sanjjanaa, Jayanthi
Director: S Mohan

Here is a farce, fester of a film. One that takes audiences to antediluvian days. It rankles that the team thought it fit to foist such a terrible, tortuous trash on fans in the audacious self-belief they will lap it up as fun-filled entertainment. 

Woebegone, Mohan’s mindless and mundane mayhem, going by the name of Narasimha, instead of engaging as an ensemble entertainer, turns out into high decibel, high octane, cacophonic sorry spectacle which saps the otherwise energetic expecations of audiences leaving them enervated at the end of it all. 

It’s deja vu, as an avaracious and cocky politician Ugrappa locks horns with village vigilante — Narasimha, messiah who stoutly safeguards the interests of his village and its votebank. While the two engage in one-upmanship spewing venom, you have crude comedy, which, instead of eliciting chuckles, evokes jeers and sniggers. Likewise, you have two damsels trying to charm their way into Narasimha, throwing themselves at him only to be rebuffed by the man with a sad, sorry past. 

It’s a Herculean effort for Ravichandran to live and give life to the title role given his heavy frame and looks more jaded and tired playing his part. 

Ravishankar raves and rants to rouse the lion in Ravichandran to keep the spar show. Nikesha Patel and Sanjjanaa (in a cameo) provide a dash of colour to keep the waning viewers’ interest alive in the vapid and vacuous vaudeville, while Sadhu Kokila with demeaning and disgusting comic interludes compounds your agony. 

This Narasimha is no divinity that deserves a dekko. Stay away.