Lack of co-ordination deprives students of new school

Lack of co-ordination deprives students of new school

Despite having four new school buildings at Baiyyappanahalli in Shidlaghatta, the students of a Government School here continue to learn under a dilapidated school building built in British period.

The new buildings were constructed six years ago, but they have still not been made available for the students, thanks to lack of co-ordination between the authorities concerned and people’s representatives in ensuring the students’ right. 

The doom-shaped roof has no tiles but is covered with tinsheets. In summer, students bear severe heat and during rainy season, they have to sit with an umbrella in the classroom, as water seeps from the roof. 

“It’s a kind of adventurous for our students. But none understand their plight,” complain a school teacher here. 

The total strength in the school is 80 and five teachers. Though the government has ordered to demolish old school buildings when new buildings are ready, neither the authorities concerned nor the public representatives have taken interest in providing the building to students.