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Ramothsava concert

Ramothsava, the music season has arrived once again. Some of the mandalies start the Ramothsava from Ugadi itself, which is the old tradition and is known as “Garbha Navami”.

Under the joint auspices of Srikantham Sangeetha Sabha and Sapthagiri Bhajana Mandali “Garbha Rama Navami” is celebrated in the spacious compound of Sri Raghavendra and Anjaneya Temple, Malleswaram. Flute, percussion ensemble apart from vocal concerts will be held till March 30.

Vinay Sharva, who gave the inaugural concert on the auspicious Ugadi day, is a disciple of S Shankar and is now guided by Nedanuri Krishnamurthy. Vinay Sharva who hit the headlines through the successful rendering of ‘Simhanandana Thala’ sometime back, is an engineering graduate.

The familiar Natakuranji Varna was a good starter for the vocal recital of Vinay Sharva.

“Ganapathe Namo Namo Shankari Thanaya” of Muthaiah Bhagawathar was a welcome change from the routine invocatory pieces. Famous devaranama “Sada enna Hridayadalli” with short alapana and nerval, was pleasing. A brisk ‘Kanjadalayathakshee’ was followed by a popular keerthane of Saint Tyagaraja. A detailed alapana of Kharaharapriya and “Prakkala nilabadi”. It was noteworthy for the remarkable assurance, though ragalapana needs to be rendered with much more feeling to bring good ragabhava. Vinay Sharva has good voice and is on the right track and his career is worth watching. Seasoned accompanists Nalina Mohan, Anoor Ananthakrishna Sharma and Vyasa Vittala supported on violin, mridanga and khanjari and elevated the stature of the concert. Tail-enders Venkatachala Nilayam, Paramamangala Moorthy – were also evocative.

Soulful veena

The Tyagaraja Gana Sabha organised a Veena recital by Rajalakshmi Thirunarayanan, last week. She is a veteran Veena player and a prominent artiste of “Mysore Baani”. She was the Head of the Department of Music, Dance and Drama of Bangalore University and has trained hundreds of students. Rajalakshmi is also a recipient of State Academy Award, Rajyotsava Award and the title ‘Ganakalabhushana’ from the Karnataka Ganakala Parishat. In the current concert, she was well supported by M A Krishna Murthy on the mridanga and G S Ramanujam on the ghata.

Rajalakshmi Thirunarayanan in the crisp presentation of ragas and krithis, maintained a happy balance. She crowned the concert with “O Rangashayee”, the ever green keerthane of Saint Tyagaraja. It is one of the composition composed by Tyagarajaswamy, when he visited Srirangam and is known as part of the “Sri Ranga Pancharathna”. It is one of the highly matured composition of Karnatic music, chosen for elaboration by seasoned musicians and liked by both musicians and connoisseurs. Before that she painted raga Kambodi on a wide canvas; touching the pivotal swaras with colourful phrases, the alapana was wholesome. She followed it with brisk thana, the speciality of Veena. With exclusive “Meetu” and different permutation and combinations, she laid a powerful foundation for the composition.

She also presented “Srimadadi Tyagaraja Guruvaram”, a devaranama (Jagadoddarana), a devotional (Tunga Teera Viharam) and a Thillana in the raga Durbari Kaanada. It was a soulful Veena with aesthetic appeal.

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